The Evolution of Classifieds from Print to Digital

If there’s one trend that has really caught up in the recent times, it is the trend of digital advertisement. With each passing day, businesses, organizations and brands are relying less on traditional print adverts and are increasingly shifting towards digital adverts to attract their audience from the target market.

For years and years, classified ads were the territory of newspapers that featured advertisements but one can’t help but notice the classified section shrinking in size with each passing year. The classified section provided shoppers with an easy way to connect with people who were selling something they needed – the Internet does that now. Therefore, to say that the evolution of classified from print to digital was inevitable with the inception of Internet and social media platforms wouldn’t be wrong. In fact, it has been rather lucrative for digital players and emerging markets are definitely benefiting from it.

The marketplace for digital advertising continues to grow in all parts of the world. Even the developing countries are now catching up with the trend. This is precisely the reason we suggest using WorkApp. It allows you to put up adverts and make transactions. Its fast and best of all its totally free.

One of the biggest benefits of using digital classifieds is being able to advertise on the go and while people are mobile. When classifieds are advertised digitally, they can be accessed on a range of devices for instance the laptop, cellphone, netbook, iPad, tablet and various others. This means that the chances of a potential customer missing the advert are much less. The Internet has really grown at a very rapid pace and businesses must benefit from it. Wherever you go, you will notice people using devices that are connected to the Internet and therefore it is the mobility factor of digital classified adverts that make them such a viable option in today’s age. Moreover, with the increasing use of the web, people are giving up on newspapers advertising. Sometimes, days go by until people actually pick up a newspaper to read. Cellphones and laptops have made it extremely easy to go through the newspaper. One just has to log on the website from the most accessible device and you can catch up on all the news. This has made the evolution of classified from print to digital a lot easier.

A Global Reach
Digital adverts are not only mobile but also offer a global reach. This is because in today’s age people are likely to be online most of the time. Whether they are in the country or not, they are connected to the digital world. They may not have access to the newspaper but they will have access to the Internet, which ensures that digital classifieds have a global reach. So when you use digital classifieds, you reach a mass population. And this is what happens when you use a digital platform like WorkApp to promote your business. WorkApp is a global platform, specifically developed for people worldwide, which ensures it is accessible all the time even when people don’t have access to a newspaper or their laptop. Therefore, the reach is obviously going to be exponential.

Measurable Outcomes
Digital advertising has become really popular over the recent past because its outcomes and results are rather measurable. It is easy to measure the percentage of response from a digital classified advert, which helps business analyze whether it is a viable means of advertisement or not. Digital advertising allows businesses to measure the traffic pertaining to a particular advertisement. This means that decisions on marketing or promotion spend can be quickly adjusted.

One of the biggest benefits of using digital advertising is cost effectiveness. Cost effectiveness is also one of the biggest reasons of the evolution of classified from print to digital. Classified are ads that need to be put up regularly and not everyone can afford to pay a good amount of money to get the ad published in the newspaper. Digital adverts cost much less or sometimes nothing at all. In the case of WorkApp, using the application to promote your business doesn’t cost anything at all, which is a big motivation to use it frequently. This application is perfect for people who want to sell their items within their vicinity and do not have the funds to continually advertise these items. WorkApp will change the way people post classifieds.

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