Life is so busy for most people these days that working out exactly how best to spend your precious spare time can be a challenge in itself.

There is never any shortage of concerts, festivals, fairs, shows, exhibitions and other community events that are competing for our attention and attendance.

That’s why a smart event organiser uses every available channel to spread the word about what’s on.

And that’s where WorkApp comes in.

Whatever your event and whatever your target audience, the Events section of WorkApp is the perfect place to tell the world about it – for free.

WorkApp’s free event advertising offers you unlimited photos, a 5-minute videos and all the space you need to tell the story of your event and why people should come along.

The Buy Tickets button links to any URL you want. WorkApp users can also contact you directly through the platform via message, phone or email to find out more.

With WorkApp you can also boost your event listing as often as you like to ensure it is always front and centre in the What’s Fresh section of the platform.

Around the world, businesses and other organisations literally spend hundreds of billions of dollars each year on event marketing and many marketers believe events are their most effective tool because nothing beats human interaction.

So doing whatever it takes to get attendance makes a lot of sense.

WorkApp is all about making people’s lives easier and creating a free, level playing field that does not favour listing placements based on how much you spend to promote them.

Would you believe that in a survey by Career Cast, events coordinator was voted the fifth most stressful job behind only the military, firefighters, airline pilots and police officers.

Whether you’re an events professional or just someone working hard to get bums on seats at your next event, start uploading your events on WorkApp today.

WorkApp works for you!