What Is WorkApp and how it makes your life easier?


Have you been looking for a single platform which brings together the features and functions of some of the leading applications that you use on a daily basis?  Are you tired of signing up for different apps and worse still – having to remember a myriad of login identifications and passwords?  Imagine having a single app on your mobile device that does the work of many – simplifying your mobile landscape.
You can put your imagination aside now and experience  for real – WorkApp is what you need!
Wondering what WorkApp is and why you’ve never heard of it before? Don’t worry! Read on and find out everything you need to know about WorkApp and how you can benefit from it.


What is WorkApp?

Essentially, it’s an application for both iOS and Android devices, as well as personal computers. WorkApp is your ‘all in one’ app for commerce, collaboration, community, classifieds and many more professional interactions. The idea is to provide individuals, businesses and community organisations a single platform with a single sign-on, where they can promote their business or community organisation, sell products, find work and workers, buy, sell, rent new and used goods while chatting globally using WorkApp’s integrated messaging system.


The best thing about WorkApp is that it is totally free of fees and charges so a person can create free unlimited profiles and posts.


Another great feature is your ability to ‘refresh’ all your profiles and posts on WorkApp.  The app empowers the individual or business as they have full access to control and raise their position on the search engine results using WorkApp’s intuitive proprietary ‘Refresh Technology’ – available to you without cost.


Here are a few of the areas where WorkApp can serve you and help you prosper.


Job Vacancies

Job vacancy listings are an important step in finding suitable candidates to fill your available  roles. Specialist advertising portals such as Seek and Indeed have successfully built a business model to support the demand. Employers and Recruitment Agencies rely extensively on these specialist portals to attract potential applicants and in the process, paying substantial fees for the privilege of listing on these sites.


WorkApp allows you as a business owner or a recruitment agent to do all that at zero cost –  create, list and manage unlimited job vacancies, complete with a position description and closing date. Potential applicants can enquire or apply using WorkApp’s integrated messaging system. WorkApp will automatically de-active the vacancy listing on the closing date.  If required, the closing date can be extended to ‘re-post’ the job.



WorkApp’s integrated messaging system is used for all communication between users of the app, who enquire about any feature or post in the App and also as a social messaging platform (similar to WhatsApp, iMessage and Messenger). Similarly, you can send images, video and audio files using WorkApp and the recipient can save these to their device, forward it or delete it.


Community Groups

WorkApp is an effective platform for community groups to promote their organization, their event or seek volunteers. You can create a group of members who are registered within WorkApp and can message that group with a single message to all..


Individuals who wish to work as volunteers can create volunteer profiles and have full control of how their availability is viewed by others.


If you are new to a city or country, search WorkApp for community profiles and events nearest to you. WorkApp puts you in touch with your community.


Promote your Business, Sell Products

Whether you own one business or many, WorkApp allows you to list each one separately and create unlimited numbers of promotions with end dates.  WorkApp also enables you to turn on a ‘digital shop’ to sell your products at zero fees or charges, with PayPal integration. Simply enable the shop function from the business editing page, load your products with images and stock quantities then sit back and sell.


You can also view your sales history and update shipping status once the product has been sent.


Buy/Sale and Rental Offers and Classifieds

Buying, selling and renting is a breeze with WorkApp. Simply post as many classifieds as you need to, complete with photos and as much description as you wish to provide.  Be sure to ‘refresh’ your post daily to boost your standing in the search results. This is the equivalent of ‘paid’ boosts on other platforms.  Sell the item or rent it out at zero charges or commissions.


Machinery Hire

Machinery operators in trade and construction know all too well that if their machinery is sitting idle and not working then they are losing money.  Owners of heavy duty cranes, excavators, trucks and bulldozers need to ensure that their asset utilization is high.  WorkApp allows these operators to ‘flag’ their availability on a daily basis and being a location-based search, builders and others seeking similar services will easily find them in WorkApp in the areas within which they are working.