Going on Holidays – Putting your Worker Profile on Hold

Are you planning a vacation in the Bahamas?

Is it the end of a school season and your kids are pushing you to take them to Disneyland or somewhere else where they can enjoy their holidays?

Do you badly need a break away from your hectic routine, and the only way you can think of to do this, is to go for a runaway vacation to freshen up your soul and repurpose your life?

Well, if your answer to all the questions above is ‘Yes’, do not stress over little things while you are at your dream vacation.

Simply deactivate your WorkApp worker profile! This puts it on hold until you are ready to activate it again.

As has already been established, WorkApp is an amazing platform to connect with prospective employers, workers and businesses and to socialize on a professional or even personal level the way you desire. There is no reason to NOT put a stop on those communications for a short time whilst you take a break.

The benefit of the flexibility offered by WorkApp through its “deactivation” feature allows you to temporarily pause your professional responsibilities, whilst still giving any other classifieds, businesses or communities attention through the rest of the app’s simple, efficient features. The best part is that you can deactivate your worker profile that displays you as an employee while you are still active in your business profile, and ready to network with potential clients. You can even do the same for your group conversations.

In fact, you are able to ‘de-activate’ all or any of your profiles and posts at any time in WorkApp.

WorkApp – An All-In-One Platform

Having an application for networking, a different application for managing your work and more for online shopping can be tedious. Forget the numerous other mobile apps and welcome the change that WorkApp offers – easily switch off and disconnect from the world whilst you enjoy the family time you have earned after a stressful year of work.

WorkApp is an interactive and easy-to-use online app that has revolutionized the term “work”. With amazing features like different business profiles, worker profiles, networking options, event alerts and participation, classified ads, machinery profiles and more, you will never be out of options to stay connected the way you desire. For more info, visit the website: www.workapp.world. You can even visit their Facebook page or email at info@workapp.world to know more.