Create Multiple Worker Profiles to Separate Your Skills and Vocations

Are you having problems convincing employers that you are the right candidate for the job?

The world as we know has grown more complex with rapid shifts in technology and the increase in competition. The increase in skilful workforce today is the reason many individuals try to learn more than what is required for getting a suitable job. Obtaining extra skill sets is necessary to stay ahead of your workforce competition. One can no longer rely on one’s traditional set of skills.

Well, now you can take a breath of relief because WorkApp is the new mobile app that is designed to give you the freedom to showcase the qualities you deem suitable for an employer in your preferred industry. Here is how it works:

  • It is a versatile platform which allows you to connect with employers, apply for jobs, sell products and services or simply showcase your services to prospective employers in an online resume which they are able to search for and view.
  • The key feature which makes WorkApp so great for you as a worker is that you can maintain different worker profiles on the app, which display the different sets of skills that you may have acquired through the years, for different industries and employers. You do not need to worry about hiding your bar license to apply for a construction job!

Some people go for both, vocational education as well as degree programs. You are left with not knowing which direction you ought to head to – to get a productive, well-paying and promising job.

With WorkApp there is multiple skills need not be a dilemma – just create as many worker profiles as you require and allow various employers to view your various profiles.  You may be the star choice of employers in one or both industries. From here onwards, the choices are only yours.

With WorkApp, you can prosper in the field you desire by networking with important people in your lives, at your job or around the world for that matter that share your interests.

WorkApp is a revolutionary, interactive and easy-to-use online app that has redefined the term “work”. With amazing features like different worker profiles, business profiles, classified ads, networking, event alerts and participation, machinery profiles and more, you will never be out of options to build an interesting life for yourself.

For more information on WorkApp, you can either visit the website:, visit their Facebook page or email the WorkApp team at

WorkApp is available for free on Apple devices, Android devices and your desktop/laptop.