Looking for candidates just got exciting

When it comes to finding the right staff, Recruitment Agencies play a prominent role in identifying, interviewing and shortlisting prospective staff.  A number of companies however, prefer to manage the process in-house.  Regardless of whether the recruitment process is managed in-house or through an agency, it starts with a Job Vacancy post on a prominent online site.

In the not too distant past, this process of advertising was limited to print media and on certain days, entire lift-outs would be dedicated to careers section. With the proliferation of mobile devices and wide acceptance of technology, online portals dedicated to the job market have become the preferred method for listing vacancies and finding candidates.

The success of the online portals has resulted in greater demand, which in turn has resulted in higher charges for listing vacancies.  Recruitment agencies who have a number of vacancies to fill on behalf of their clients, consequently spend a large part of their budget on such advertising costs.

Lets take a moment to look at one such application that helps connect businesses with workers and vice versa. Whether your preferred device is a mobile phone, tablet or desktop/laptop, WorkApp gives you total portability and flexibility.

WorkApp offers Recruiters with the ability to post unlimited vacancies, complete with position description, links to company website and enquiry facilities at no cost.

Yes, you read that correctly. WorkApp is totally free to use!!

Furthermore, Recruiters can also search WorkApp for ‘Workers’.  These are individuals who have created a Worker Profile in WorkApp and expressed their interest in a type of role, fully supported with their CV and related skills. A person can create multiple profiles to improve their chances of being found be recruiters and also allowing the recruiter to target specific skills and criteria.  For example, a hospitality worker who is a fully qualified Barista and a Bar man/maid can create a separate profile for a Barista role and a separate one for Bar role thus increasing their chances of being found for a role.

WorkApp is an easy-to-use online app that has modernized the term “work”. With astounding features like different business profiles, worker profiles, flexible profile options (Individual activation and de-activation), networking options, event alerts and participation, machinery profiles, classified ads and more, you will always be connected to friends and professionals from around the world. For more information, please visit www.workapp.world.  Download WorkApp from any app store NOW!