Media mogul Rupert Murdoch once described the newspaper classifieds as “rivers of gold” because of how much revenue that flowed into big media company’s coffers.

Well how times have changed! Newspaper classifieds have been easily overtaken by Online Classified Advertising and the gold is now flowing in a few more directions.

But despite the disruption, private sellers and business owners are often still paying through the nose to sell anything from one-off items to large ecommerce product lines.

That is, until the arrival of WorkApp.

The WorkApp classifieds section is very unique compared with anything else that’s out there.

You can post free classified ads on WorkApp for free and each item can have its very own “Add to Cart” button with PayPal attached.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not set up as a business to sell directly to the public on WorkApp.

There’s also no need to set up your own complicated ecommerce website, which can be a major barrier, especially for people wanting to sell single items or just a few things now and again.

For example, you might be an artist or an art student wanting to sell individual pieces to the public. You can list each individual piece for sale on WorkApp classifieds and each individual piece will have its own “Add to Cart” button with PayPal attached.

Other platforms will charge between 10% and 15% for a merchant facility but WorkApp is 100% free. You don’t pay any fees, charges or commission.

As an added bonus, sellers can also boost their listings far and wide on the WorkApp“What’s Fresh” showcase.

And all inquiries from your buyers go directly through the platform to you.

So stop sharing the profits from all your hard work with the big conglomerates and switch over to WorkApp today.

WorkApp works for you!