One of our delighted fans in Romania recently posted an article in LinkedIn and a blog on her website about WorkApp. We love it when people around the globe get real value from our platform. You can check their website out here. 

Here’s a video I shot for LinkedIn, in which I explain why your time is now (you can watch the short video below).

In a nutshell, you will learn about an app that offers you the FREE chance to get worldwide exposure, with no commissions, fees or whatsoever. The concept behind it is to offer people equality and equity, when it comes to their exposure. There are no subscription plans or any premium features hidden for some money. It’s all FREE. And you cannot buy the first place. But you can earn it!

Just picture the fact that you, as a blogger, can make a listing on this platform and get real chances of increasing your worldwide readership, without paying a cent for marketing it.

How cool is that?

Additionally, you get tons of chances to get discovered by a company or an individual who needs your writing skills AND get paid for it.

Worth a try?


When you create an account with WorkApp and make your listings, make sure you look me up by name (Andrada Anitei), so that we can interact outside WordPress. I can help you with setting it up or with amazing tips, as I am also participating in the user testing activities. 😉

So take 1.5 mins of your time and check the video above.

You can download the app here.

See you soon, on this revolutionary platform !