– By Shane Wallace, CEO


There are many great things about my role as the CEO of WorkApp.

I get to work with an amazing team of professionals who give 110% every day and are just as committed to the success of WorkApp as I am.

I’m always excited introducing the platform to people for the very first time because I love seeing our vision come to life right there on my phone.

Networking, meeting and chatting to the growing number of WorkApp supporters that have accumulated on this amazing journey over the past six years is a continual driving force for me.

But probably the most exciting thing I regularly experience is the look I often get when I demonstrate the WorkApp platform to business owners, and they fully understand the concept of what WorkApp has been designed to do for them, without a cost.


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It’s not every day someone is offered free advertising for their business, product, service or brand, and then instantly rank at the top of search results in their local area.

A common question I get asked is… ‘What’s the fee to join?’ Nothing, I say.

The next question is generally… ‘So how does WorkApp make money if it’s free?’

It’s a very fair question to be asked and one I’m always happy to answer.

WorkApp’s revenue model is a very unique digital billboard style of advertising which we have named “WorkApp Billboards”

WorkApp Billboard starts in the 7th position and appears in every 7th position thereafter, both in the search results and on the what’s fresh in WorkApp showcase.

This ensures the free listings are never disadvantaged in any way as the closest active results are displayed in the first 6 positions and all other positions between the paid digital billboards.

The look of approval I often get when the penny drops is extremely gratifying, to say the least.

Our commitment is in creating a level playing field when it comes to being searched and found on the WorkApp platform, so the closest result is always at the top of the search instead of who pays.

I will say a WorkApp Billboard does not require boosting and provides a larger presentation with the advantage of sending people directly to a website or landing page with only one click.

It’s important to know WorkApp Billboards are not compulsory in any way and a user can have unlimited free listings making WorkApp a truly free, all-in-one global industry platform.

If taking advantage of free advertising is something you’d like for your business, see you on WorkApp.

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WorkApp works for you