Community Organizations and Volunteers

Do you run a not for profit organisation, sports club or other community organisation and need volunteers who can be trusted with the responsibility of fund raising or representing your organisation and are passionate about your course?

Well, if your goal is to get volunteers soon, local newspaper and radio ads might not do the trick since you are working to a timeline, and interviewing every person that answers the ad may take too much time. But, there is no need to worry anymore because there is a faster and easier way to get dedicated volunteers. It is WorkApp.

Yes… WorkApp!

This is what’s hot right now! Drop what you are doing on all other social media websites and search on WorkApp for individuals who have expressed an interest in being a community volunteer. WorkApp gives you the ultimate platform to get to know your community up-close and to promote your organisation, event or source resources.

But how does WorkApp differentiate itself?

A smart question! And the answer is “COMMUNITY”! It is a feature that helps you or your organisation connect with the community you operate in and know about the upcoming events, corporate functions and other endeavors around town. You can also post your own event or seek volunteers or other like minded people.

Once you find your trusted group of volunteers and members, you can use the “GROUPS” feature in WorkApp Messaging to give a heads-up to them of any upcoming community events or just keeping in touch with regular updates?

WorkApp is a one-stop, mobile solution to any problem you have at hand. Whether it is meeting new people, bringing back an old team, getting the attention of the masses, needing the support of your community or organizing a local community event, WorkApp is the way forward. Just log in to your WorkApp business or worker profile and spread the word.

WorkApp is an interactive and easy-to-use online app that has revolutionized the term “work”. With incredible features like different business profiles, worker profiles, networking options, event alerts and participation, classified ads, machinery profiles and more, you will never be out of options to stay connected the way you desire. For more info, visit the website:

WorkApp is available cost-free on Windows & MAC, Desktop, IPhone and Android systems. Visit your favorite app store and download WorkApp NOW!