From the Fans: 10 reasons why you should use WorkApp

One of our delighted fans in Romania, Andrada Anitei, recently posted an article in LinkedIn and a blog on her website about WorkApp. We love it when people around the globe get real value from our platform. You can check their website out here.  You have probably seen me promoting AND using this new-edge platform for almost [...]

Creating Multiple Worker Profiles Using WorkApp

Create Multiple Worker Profiles to Separate Your Skills and Vocations Are you having problems convincing employers that you are the right candidate for the job? The world as we know has grown more complex with rapid shifts in technology and the increase in competition. The increase in skilful workforce today is the reason many individuals [...]

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Go on Holidays – Turn off your Worker Profile

Going on Holidays – Putting your Worker Profile on Hold Are you planning a vacation in the Bahamas? Is it the end of a school season and your kids are pushing you to take them to Disneyland or somewhere else where they can enjoy their holidays? Do you badly need a break away from your [...]

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