From the Fans: 10 reasons why you should use WorkApp

One of our delighted fans in Romania, Andrada Anitei, recently posted an article in LinkedIn and a blog on her website about WorkApp. We love it when people around the globe get real value from our platform. You can check their website out here.  You have probably seen me promoting AND using this new-edge platform for almost [...]

Looking for Candidates just got exciting

Looking for candidates just got exciting When it comes to finding the right staff, Recruitment Agencies play a prominent role in identifying, interviewing and shortlisting prospective staff.  A number of companies however, prefer to manage the process in-house.  Regardless of whether the recruitment process is managed in-house or through an agency, it starts with a [...]

July 15th, 2016|Jobs|0 Comments

Filling Job Vacancies with WorkApp

Filling Job Vacancies with WorkApp Getting a job in the market today is much more difficult than it used to be. The growing competition, the versatility required in the set of skills and the ability to be ‘street smart’ in today’s environment is getting really challenging as job seekers are trying hard to polish their [...]

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