From the Fans: 10 reasons why you should use WorkApp

One of our delighted fans in Romania, Andrada Anitei, recently posted an article in LinkedIn and a blog on her website about WorkApp. We love it when people around the globe get real value from our platform. You can check their website out here.  You have probably seen me promoting AND using this new-edge platform for almost [...]

Keep All The Profits From Your Hard Work

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch once described the newspaper classifieds as “rivers of gold” because of how much revenue that flowed into big media company’s coffers. Well how times have changed! Newspaper classifieds have been easily overtaken by Online Classified Advertising and the gold is now flowing in a few more directions. But despite the disruption, [...]

February 22nd, 2019|Classified|0 Comments

Free Classifieds simplified on WorkApp

Free Classifieds simplified on WorkApp Globally Not so long ago, if you had wanted to buy used (or new) goods such as a car, TV, lounge suite etc, you would look at the Classifieds section of your local newspaper or the community noticeboard at your local shopping centre. The same process applied if you wanted [...]

April 5th, 2016|Classified|0 Comments

WorkApp Revolutionises Classified advertising online

The Evolution of Classifieds from Print to Digital If there’s one trend that has really caught up in the recent times, it is the trend of digital advertisement. With each passing day, businesses, organizations and brands are relying less on traditional print adverts and are increasingly shifting towards digital adverts to attract their audience from [...]

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