The banking Royal Commission has triggered a lot of doom and gloom predictions for Australia’s $2 billion mortgage broking industry with its recommendation that borrowers should pay the brokers fees and not lenders.

The politicians are arguing with each other about what to do with the recommendation while the industry itself is in turmoil with suggestions up to 20,000 broker small businesses could go down the gurgler.

Personally, I think mortgage brokers generally do a pretty good job.

Besides helping us to understand all that financial jargon, their fundamental purpose is to help people get the best deal possible on their home loans. They are the guys in the middle that help to level the playing field between powerful big banks and ordinary Australians.

That sounds a lot like WorkApp, which takes promoting your business back to a level playing field by removing the power to influence search results from the big guys and giving it to everyone.

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Remember, with WorkApp nobody pays and fees or commissions, ever.

There are so many more examples of how WorkApp will help businesses of all sizes to slash their advertising costs, get more customers and keep more of their hard-earned profits.

Let me know how your company is using the platform.

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